“Next-Gen” Security Test/Review and Business Security Test 2016

“Next Generation” describes security products that work on a different principle from traditional antivirus software. Some “NextGen” products may only provide logging and analysis of threats (useful for incident response), rather than actually protecting against them. In some cases, protection features are deactivated by default and have to be enabled and configured by the administrator before they can be used.

This report marks the first time AV-Comparatives has tested and included next-generation security products in a public comparative test report. We had reached out several leading vendors in this space, requesting their participation in the test. Unfortunately, a number of vendors refused to participate in this independent evaluation. Since their products could not be included in this public report, we are unable to approve them as valuable next-generation security products. We look forward to their future participation in independent tests.

In parallel to the next-gen test, we also evaluated the security provided by some “traditional” business security products. Please find the reports here: http://www.av-comparatives.org/corporate-reviews/

For this assessment, MRG Effitas and AV-Comparatives combined their strengths to conduct a joint test. The reviews and Malware Protection Tests were performed by AV-Comparatives, while the Exploit Test was performed by MRG Effitas.